Shopping Opportunities in Sun Valley

Kohl's store in Sun Valley CA

Sun Valley Jose Mier Visits Laurel Canyon Center

Sun Valley, as we’ve repeatedly said, is located within easy driving distance to… well, just about anywhere you’d need to go in Southern California. Being close to our neighboring cities of Burbank and Glendale, we have a wealth of retail options within minutes of our homes. The Glendale Galeria, Americana at Brand in Glendale as well as Burbank’s Town Center are just a few of the malls we have easy access to when we need to go shopping. But Sun Valley has its own shopping center, meaning we need not even travel outside our community to purchase items we need.

The shopping center is located at the corner of Laurel Canyon Blvd. and Roscoe St. The “anchor” store here is Kohl’s, but the center is also home to Bank of America and Chase Bank as well as Ralphs grocery store. Other fast food outlets and assorted retail shops are located here as well, including Baskin-Robbins and Waba Grill.

Kohl's store in Sun Valley CA
Sun Valley Jose Mier shops local Kohl’s store

Kohl’s is of special interest not only because it stocks clothing and household goods at low prices (no shameless plug, just the truth) but it’s also the closest location to use for Amazon returns. Many is the time we here at Sun Valley Jose Mier have made a trip to Kohl’s to drop off an item we bought on only to find it wasn’t the correct one or had some defect. Returns are super easy and the fact that this store is right in the middle of Sun Valley makes it even easier.

Of course having an Amazon returns desk located in the store is a way for Kohl’s to get shoppers inside the store and many do take a look around and end up buying some item or other. It’s a win-win for Kohl’s. Note that customers returning Amazon items also get a discount coupon to use while shopping.

This shopping center on Laurel Canyon makes life in Sun Valley more attractive. As if you needed another reason to live here!

Shopping Opportunities in Sun Valley
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Shopping Opportunities in Sun Valley
Sun Valley Jose Mier writes about shopping in Sun Valley, CA. The shopping center on Laurel Canyon has Kohl's department store as its anchor.
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