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Sun Valley Jose Mier wants to inform everyone about life in Sun Valley, California and part of life is education. If you live in or are considering moving to Sun Valley and have high school-age children, chances are you’re going to be familiar with Sun Valley High School, located at 9171 Telfair Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352.

sun valley high school website
Sun Valley Jose Mier supports the Wildcats!

As the school’s mission statement says the high school provides a rigorous educational program which aims to give students the skills to be self-directed learners, critical thinkers and effective communicators. As high schools go it’s relatively small at approximately 400 students. With a high Latino population in Sun Valley there’s always the need for bilingual education and that is one of the focuses of the high school.

In addition to classroom studies and activities the school this part of the Educare program which provides a variety of afterschool programs and activities.

Learning these days is a little more difficult due to the coronavirus and the campus is currently closed. All learning now takes place online. This is unfortunate for those involved in sporting activities and the football team–The Wildcats—cannot play this year. It’s hoped that the solution to the coronavirus will be found relatively soon and that schools as well as all other businesses can reopen fully and we can get back to life as we knew it here in Sun Valley.

The school is headed by principle Tadeo Climaco and has a long track record of academic success with students throughout the years. Although it’s small we here at Sun Valley Jose Mier are great supporters of our local high school and are proud to have it as part of our community.

Sun Valley High School
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Sun Valley High School
Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes our community's own high school: Sun Valley High, located at 9171 Telfair Ave.
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