Business Diversity in Sun Valley, CA

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Sun Valley Jose Mier Takes a Look

Sun Valley Jose Mier promotes all aspects of our community. That’s why today we wanted to take a look at the diverse business community of Sun Valley, California.

Sun Valley Jose Mier screenshot of US Business Site
Sun Valley Jose Mier screenshot of US Business Site

For those were thinking of locating or relocating a business to Sun Valley you’ll be in good company. The types of businesses in our tight-knit community runs the gamut. There’s 143 Fashion which is a retail dress shop. 247 Delivers are motorcycle carcouriers and RV storage, as well as self storage units. We have restaurants and beauty salons such as 3 Star Beauty Salon on Sunland Boulevard. 3-D Sales on Tuxford Street is an auto body repair service.

On the industrial side 4-A Crane Service specializes in crane rentals. Like every other city in America, we have our share of 7-Elevens and discount stores like 99 Cents Only. For those who know Sun Valley, you know part of our community is geared toward more industrial types of businesses. We’re proud to count as part of our community Zenith Manufacturing on Dora Street, gala rubber manufacturing on Lankershim, Advanced Manufacturing Concepts on Sherman Way and even Spencer Aerospace Manufacturing on Glenoaks.

We haven’t even mentioned the various types of cuisines available there are many fine restaurants in Sun Valley. We have a large Hispanic population and that is reflected in the types of restaurants we have. There are many Mexican eateries in Sun Valley but we’re not limited to that and fans of Chinese, Thai, Italian, pizza, Japanese or just about any other type of food is available here. And it’s delicious.

We said that this was going to be just a quick overview so will keep it brief. We think you can see from our short list above how diverse our economy is and the types of businesses that have chosen Sun Valley as their home. Those that have, find a great place to live and work, to cook food, to manufacture, provide insurance services, car repair and anything else you can think of. For those that wish to live here, our lower cost-of-living and lower median home price also make Sun Valley an attractive option. We at Sun Valley Jose Mier will continue to promote our community and lure new business to the area to keep our economy as vibrant as possible.

Business Diversity in Sun Valley, CA
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Business Diversity in Sun Valley, CA
Sun Valley Jose MIer discusses the diversity of business types in our community. It runs the gamut from restaurants to manufacturing to insurance, retail and more. Businesses looking to relocate would do well to consider Sun Valley, CA as a location.
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