Coronado Manufacturing in Sun Valley

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Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Spotlight on Business

Sun Valley Jose Mier is dedicated to promoting all aspects of our community in effort to boost our economy and the overall reputation of our portion of the San Fernando Valley. If talked about various neighborhoods, restaurants and other businesses but some of the businesses that call Sun Valley home go unnoticed or under the radar. One of these is Coronado Manufacturing.

sun valley jose mier coronado mfg. site
sun valley jose mier coronado mfg. site

Coronado is involved in aerospace, aviation and medical manufacturing. They’re located right here at 8991 Glen Oaks Blvd. We couldn’t give a better description of their business than they do themselves on their website.

We are a leading manufacturer of precision-machined components for customers in the aerospace, defense,
telecommunications, and medical industries. Our world class facility in California’s San Fernando Valley currently handles mission-critical parts for a growing roster of end platforms, including:
The leading commercial aerospace programs
Military applications
Business and regional jet aircraft engines
Every manned space flight to date

Coronado manufacturing has been in existence since 1959 and we’re proud that they call sun Valley home. Manufacturing this one of the most important industries we have in Sun Valley but not many people know about it. You may pass by these facilities without giving them a second thought but inside men and women are dedicated to producing the highest quality specifications for equipment that we’ll go into the air, into outer space or will be used in the medical industry.

Coronado Manufacturing in Sun Valley
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Coronado Manufacturing in Sun Valley
Sun Valley Jose Mier profiles part of our community's manufacturing base. Coronado Mfg. has been around since 1959.
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