Sun Valley California Growth

Apartment Boom Taking Place

When Sun Valley Jose Mier launched this website we did it with one goal in mind: to promote how are special community. We’ve always said that Sun Valley is unique when compared to other cities throughout the San Fernando Valley but we seem to be on the cusp of a construction boom that is remaking our city and slowly but surely Sun Valley is becoming one of the premier locations within greater Los Angeles. Yet another apartment complex is on the books to begin construction. It will be a three story, 100+ unit building to be located at 8465 Glenoaks Blvd. Residents in this area know well the location is quite close to the intersection of Glenoaks and Hollywood Way. Currently there are residential houses located here in the development will necessitate their destruction and removal.

8465 N. Glenoaks Bd. Sun Valley, CA Street View
Sun Valley Jose Mier screenshot of 8465 N. Glenoaks Bd.

This stretch of Glenoaks is usually very quiet and except for rush hour traffic—lots of cars getting on and off Interstate 5 at this location—the street is usually wide open, free of traffic and where most drivers zip down the road at higher speeds. Apartment development is always a double edged sword, however. A fairly large unit such as the one proposed will, of course, mean increased traffic and congestion in the area due to higher population density. This section of Glenoaks this also divided by a median, making turns onto Glenoaks from streets which feed onto it difficult at times, especially when there’s higher traffic levels.

All this needs to be taken into account. Regardless, new construction in this area means more Sun Valley jobs and more people moving into this area and increases our tax base and revenue. New, modern construction, depending on the design, can also have the effect of increasing the visual appeal of the area. This is not the only apartment building project slated to begin in Sun Valley. Others in the Lankershim area of our city as well as the NoHo Metro redevelopment will also contribute to an overall improvement in the look and feel of our community as well as boosting the economy. Sun Valley continues to improve in many areas and this is just one more example. It’s yet another reason Sun Valley Jose Mier takes pride in our growing, improving community.

Sun Valley Goes Solar

Solar panels on Sun Valley Business Park

Pendleton St. Rooftop a Collects the Sunshine

Odds are you have never seen it but There are 15 acres of solar panels just above our heads here in Sun Valley. Most folks don’t have a reason to drive up Pendelton Street in the northern section of our community but the relatively new development, the Sun Valley Business Center which is located here is a massive facility on 15 acres of land.

Solar panels on Sun Valley Business Park
Solar panels on Sun Valley Business Park – Very Close to Sun Valley Jose Mier Office

You need a big ladder or a helicopter to take a look at the rooftop, but once you’re there you see that the roof is being utilized to collect sunlight using the latest solar panel technology. This is part of a plan that Los Angeles has for businesses to make use of the rooftops, collect solar energy and sell it back to Los Angeles at a good price.

15 acres is a large plot of land in the amount of solar energy there can be collected here is substantial. Being able to harness solar power and offset the cost of heating or cooling a large facility such as this makes it very attractive for the owners of the property.

Some of the progress being made in Sun Valley and its environs isn’t readily visible, but little by little our section of Los Angeles is becoming ever more sophisticated. The nearby Tesla charging station is another aspect of how Los Angeles is making use of green energy and the Sun Valley business Park is one more example.

While solar energy is not going to address all the needs of Southern California and Sun Valley in particular, it does in certain instances makes sense. If a developer can save or recoup money by installing solar panels then it makes economic sense. The addition of solar panels also means the solar companies in that area have more work and this is always good for the Sun Valley economy.

If your Sun Valley travels to take you to the northern section of our city you may want to take a drive up Pendelton Street and look at this massive business park. It may bring a smile to your face to know that this huge area of land it’s not just sitting there but is collecting energy that can be used elsewhere. And it’s happening right here in Sun Valley California. We at Sun Valley Jose Mier always promote the positive aspects of our town and this is yet one more example of why Sun Valley is unique among other San Fernando Valley cities.

Get Into Sun Valley Now!

New Building Projects Are Renovating Our City

Sun Valley Jose Mier has been a proponent of our community from day one. Compared to any other location in the San Fernando Valley we feel that Sun Valley has more than its share of perks to offer those who live here. However, just like our neighbors in North Hollywood, which has undergone a renaissance in recent years and has become a mecca for the arts and entertainment crowd, Sun Valley is poised to do the same.

New developments, both recently completed as well as those slated to begin will contribute too making Sun Valley an even more attractive place to live and which, we feel, will rival North Hollywood as a desirable living location. One of those projects on the books will be an apartment complex on north Glenoaks Boulevard. The redevelopment of this area, now home mostly to restaurants and storefronts will add an aspect of sophistication to the area. New tenants at this apartment building will also provide increased revenue for those same restaurants and shops. The only negative aspect to developments of this kind is possibly increased traffic and congestion.

One would home also that by the time housing projects like the Glenoaks apartment building are complete that we will have seen the last of the coronavirus, allowing people to patronize local restaurants and businesses. Because of the increased development Sun Valley we feel that this is an opportune moment to invest in or move to Sun Valley. Median home prices are still below the Los Angeles average but we foresee in the coming years a transformation of Sun Valley into an even more desirable place to live.

I-5 Corridor Project Affects Sun Valley

Improvements to Freight Corridor

Sun Valley Jose Mier has written about other enhancements to the Sun Valley area including the construction being done on the 5 freeway between Sun Valley and Burbank. But there’s another part of the plans to improve the 5 freeway which include a number of bridges that cross the 5 freeway inside of Sun Valley. You may already have seen some of the work being done on these bridges and would be hard for a blind man not to know about the construction going on around Osbourne Street on the freeway.

If you visit the Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council website you’ll see a little bit more information on this project which was begun several years ago. The estimated time to completion is five 5 to 7 years. Sun Valley residents have already had to deal with changing traffic patterns and road closures as work on the 5 freeway continues in our city as well as Burbank to the south. The bridges that will be affected include the Sheldon St bridge, Laurel Canyon Blvd bridge, Peoria St Bridge, Lankershim Blvd Bridge, Tuxford Off-Ramp over crossing, Olinda St. Pedestrian Overcrossing, Roscoe Blvd Bridge, Sunland Blvd Bridge.

While we must wait to see what the effect of the rebuilding of the Burbank Blvd., bridge has in store for us the rebuilding of these other bridges we hope we’ll have a positive effect on traffic flow as well as the flow of freight through this heavily trafficked stretch of Interstate 5, a freeway which runs entire length of the state of California.

Changes To Sun Valley Environs

North Hollywood Metro Station Developed

If you visited Sun Valley Jose Mier before you know that our town is made up of certain areas, one of which is North Hollywood adjacent. Our neighbors to the south and west are proud of their newfound fame and attractiveness as a Bohemian hub here in greater Los Angeles. The fact at Sun Valley borders on North Hollywood means that we get to share in some of that glory and take advantage of the things that North Hollywood may have that Sun Valley still lacks.

North Hollywood continues to improve its image and they haven’t stopped yet. One of the things that will give North Hollywood, and as result Sun Valley, an economic boost is the plan to develop the 15 acre property near the North Hollywood Metro Station. The project, which will begin next year, will include, among other things a 1500 unit housing facility as well as office space and retail.

The Metro station is so close to Sun Valley that we basically consider it part of our community. Any effort to revamp this area means that Sun Valley will get a boost from the construction. With 1500 more apartments in the area that means those residents will venture out not only into North Hollywood but into the surrounding areas to take advantage of the variety of restaurants, shopping and other businesses that we have in Sun Valley.

Trammell Crow Company — District NoHo | Consensus from ConsensusLive on Vimeo.

The project is being overseen by Trammell Crow and will be called District NoHo. The only downside to projects like these–and it’s always the case–is that the more dense the housing in a certain area the more traffic in that same area. We wonder if this is been addressed as part of the project but it’s a given that greater Los Angeles’ streets are some of the most crowded and the country and depending upon the time of day the traffic in Sun Valley and North Hollywood is no different. Still, another injection of new design and vitality to our area should be welcome and we look forward to seeing the progress on this development.

Vacationing in California?

old california vacation poster

Is It Possible? Sun Valley Jose Mier Takes a Look

A few of us in the Sun Valley Jose Mier offices have been getting ads on our cell phones to vacation in California. This prompted a lot of discussion as to whether or not this was even possible.

old california vacation poster
old california vacation poster

The fact that the state of California just trying to drum up tourism from its own citizens suggests that tourism revenues are down. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why this is so. People are really moving around a lot either inside the state for visitors coming to the states due to coronavirus precautions. It would seem that one of the prerequisites for tourism would be opening up restaurants fully as well as theme parks and other attractions that have been closed. However, we don’t see any signs of reopening soon period

Our Sun Valley restaurants keep hanging on by the skin of their teeth, either with patio dining or takeout, but we have to wonder how long businesses can last without full capacity. What’s true in Sun Valley it’s true throughout the state and people who would normally think about traveling to another city understandably have second thoughts especially when their favorite restaurants or wineries are closed.

We have to ask the state of California what they’re thinking. You want us to spend our money in the state but those of us who own restaurants are not making much and are just fighting for survival. Others may also have been affected by the coronavirus and don’t have to spending money to do much of anything. It seems like this enticement to vacation in California is an ill-conceived idea given that much of what draws people to California is not available right now.

Some of us in our offices have ventured outside of our community and were able to enjoy other places in the state, so the California vacation is technically possible. But there’s always the feeling the things are not as they should be. Restaurants are closed or have limited capacity and everyone is wearing a mask. There’s something about all this just doesn’t seem festive.

Even California’s own website dedicated to tourism is a great big coronavirus warning for anybody daring to venture into the state. That’s not a big draw.

We would love for people to visit California, whether from outside the state or inside. Sun Valley is in a perfect location for much of Southern California’s tourist attractions in an influx of visitors to our hotels and restaurants would be welcome. The only thing we can say is California better get its act together before trying to tout itself as a vacation destination.

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Trip to the Magic Kingdom

Straight Shot South on I-5

One of the things we at Sun Valley Jose Mier like to promote is Sun Valley’s central location. The 5 freeway spans the entire length of the state of California, and it just happens to run right through Sun Valley, California. Because of this it’s easy to get to most places in Southern California in a pretty short amount of time.

Disneyland castle SunValleyJoseMier
Disneyland castle: easy trip from SunValleyJoseMier

If you’re one of those people whose discovered that our Hollywood Burbank Airport is a great alternative to LAX, then flying in to our Sun Valley neighbor in staying with us in our community is a smart option. We won’t even begin to list all the attractions and theme parks there’re only minutes away, but instead we’re going to focus on one of our favorite drives, and one of our favorite destinations: Disneyland.

The drive from Sun Valley to Disneyland is so simple that it hardly warrants the paragraphs we’re writing here. Quite simply, you hop on the south, follow it all the way to Anaheim, get off on Disney Drive. That’s it. Yes, there are some twists and turns that people unfamiliar with Southern California should know about, but with GPS and a sharp eye on freeway signs it really is just a straight shot south.

Just because we’re the nice people we are here at Sun Valley Jose Mier we’re including a map with driving directions from Sun Valley to Disneyland and Anaheim. If you’re thinking about visiting Southern California of course we think sun Valley should be your base of operations. And you can get to places like Disneyland really easily. In fact, without traffic the drive will take about 45 minutes. So stay with us in Sun Valley and enjoy the Magic Kingdom only minutes away.

Stonehurst Icon: East Valley Feed and Tack

east valley feed and tack website

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Neighbor

It’s hard for any of us in Sun Valley José Meyer do not notice our neighbor several yards away on Sheldon Street. That’s East Valley Feed and Tack and it’s a Sun Valley landmark since 1971.

east valley feed and tack website
east valley feed and tack website

As we’ve mentioned before in our Sun Valley Jose Mier posts on the Stonehurst neighborhood, this area is home to many horse owners and it makes sense that a feed and tack store would be located right around the corner, literally, from those who live in this rural area of Sun Valley. You can’t miss the bales of hay stacked 20 or 30 feet high at the back of their location. That’s not all the East Valley Feed and Tack is known for.

If you visit their website, you’ll see that in addition to feed they stock boots, saddles, Western hats and even products for your dog. So you don’t have to be a horse owner to stop in and make a purchase. If you’re considering moving to the Stonehurst neighborhood as well as the possibility of owning a horse, checking out their website and their blog posts about horse ownership would be a good first step. Having been around for just about 50 years they know a thing or two on the subject and if it’s not on their website you can certainly drop in and ask your questions.

Owning a horse in Sun Valley isn’t the only semi rural activity we have here. A good number of our neighbors to raise chickens in east valley has the supplies they need, both chicken feed as well as materials for making chicken coops.

Can you believe we’re in greater Los Angeles and we’re talking about horses and raising chickens? Some may find it hard to believe but it’s true and that’s part of their charm of Sun Valley, California. We can’t think of another area in the San Fernando Valley that rivals us for the diversity of lifestyles that Sun Valley offers. So if you are a horse owner or just want to pal around with some cowboys in your off time, drop by East Valley Deed and Tack and say hi.

Excursions From Sun Valley: Hollywood Sign

Sun Valley Jose Mier’s Favorite Los Angeles Day Trips

As the Sun Valley Jose Mier’s website always likes to say, Sun Valley, California is a great place to live and to visit. Our location in the San Fernando Valley makes us Centro it just about everything you would want to do in Southern California. Even Orange County and its theme parks are only a short drive away, directly south on the I-5 freeway. But what about sites that are closer to home? There’s a reason that our Sun Valley-close airport is called a Hollywood Burbank airport because the sights of Hollywood are only a few minutes from downtown Sun Valley. And nothing says Hollywood, literally, like the famed Hollywood sign. There are many opportunities to view this iconic landmark but we’re going to share with you our favorite way.

Just hop on the 170 freeway south. Take that to the 101 south and exit on Barham Blvd. Take Barham north a short distance to Lake Hollywood Dr. and just follow the signs to Lake Hollywood Park. You’ll pass Lake Hollywood along the way. This last part involves a lot of twists and turns but it’s worth the effort when you arrive. Lake Hollywood Park has one of the best views of the Hollywood sign. Perfect for photos (with yourself in them, of course).

This is a short excursion which will leave you plenty of time for anything else you want to do in Southern California.

Defensible Spaces in Sun Valley

Firefighters battle flames above Sun Valley home

Sun Valley Jose Mier Shares Brush Clearance Information

Sun Valley Jose Mier often talks about the variety of neighborhoods we have in Sun Valley and in particular the Stonehurst neighborhood. But some homes in this area as well as other areas like the Olive Terrace home we profiled earlier are located on hillside. For those Sun Valley residents that live in the more rural parts of our community and in mountainous areas should be reminded about brush clearance. This is especially true now that we are dealing with an extremely volatile fire season in the Southland.

Firefighters battle flames above Sun Valley home
Firefighters battle flames above Sun Valley home

It may be one of those things you don’t think about, like changing the battery in your smoke detector or replacing the filter in your air conditioner. Both of those are kind of important, but when it comes down to it keeping your property safe from fire is more important by far. It seems like every fire season the fire department stresses the importance of clearing the brush away from property and yet some of us either don’t heed the warning or forget about it.

That’s why we at Sun Valley Jose Mier thought it would be a good idea to echo those warnings from the fire department and remind our neighbors to take appropriate steps to keep not only their property but that of their neighbors safe. One of the resources available to us is on the Los Angeles Fire Department website. You can read more detail on the site but in brief they speak about a very high fire hazard severity zone (VHFHSZ) and those of us in Sun Valley who live on hillsides or where brush has become overgrown occupy just such areas. The fire department quotes the fire code which states that property owners have to clear brush year round–meaning all brush, weeds, trees and more—from around their structures whether they’re on your property or a neighbor’s. You also have to clear brush within 10 feet of any combustible fence or roadway including a driveway.

It may seem like a daunting task, especially since we are required to apply these standards throughout the whole year but we need only look at what’s occurring around us right now with fires like the Bobcat fire or El Dorado fire. Both of these are occurring in mountainous or very mountainous terrain making it very hard to fight and contain and both continue to threaten property. Please take a moment to assess your own property and what needs to be done to comply with the fire code. A little work in clearing the brush now may mean the difference between inconvenience and losing everything.